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Welcome to the World of Reign Sapphires

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Welcome to the World of Reign Sapphires

Fantastic! You’re in the right place—you’ve found Reign Sapphires, a new mine-gate-to-consumer sapphire jewelry brand bringing vivid royal blue sapphires from Australian mines to American jewelry designers to you.

Did you know that up to 80% of all medium- to dark-blue sapphires—the prettiest ones—come from Australia? If not, no worries; a lot of other people will learn this, too, now that Reign Sapphires is on the scene.

Reign Sapphires is the world’s first sapphire jewelry brand, as well as the first colored stone jewelry brand, with gems mined in the richest pockets of royal blues in Australia. Reign Sapphires are guaranteed natural, ethically processed, and the gorgeous surrounding landscape is carefully rehabilitated to pristine condition once mining is complete so that wildlife (kangaroos!) continues to thrive.

Our Australian DNA means channeling your inner rebel, kicking stuffy habits of the past—like gobstopper jewels that never leave a safe—to the curb and replacing them with on-trend numbers that you never leave home without. Reign Sapphires is new royalty, born from tradition but blazing a sparkling new trail with attitude, quality, consciousness, confidence, and unapologetic individualist style for jewelry lovers.

Follow us to learn more, see what we’re digging up Down Under, and peep the royal blue gems we’re proud to bring to market.


Reign Sapphires unlocks the beauty of each stone through skilled cutting techniques.


Master designers sketch out the most on-trend styles for Reign Sapphires jewelry.


Finished jewels are fit for new royalty—rich in tradition but contemporarily styled with Reign Sapphires’ undeniable edgy voice.